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About Me

Nick Burton BTEC MFHT

I am an advanced massage therapist with more than 10 years professional experience in the UK and Spain.  

Contact me for discussion about any type of massage treatment.  

Home Visits

All types of Massage therapy in the comfort of your own home.  

I will visit you by appointment in the South Murcia area for my "just Relax 90.minute massage, deep Tissue massage, all types of muscle pain treated. 

Experience, Knowledge

Whether you require a wonderful 90 minute relaxation experience, or need something a little more technical, call or email to book your appointment.  I can usually bring quick relief to even chronic, painful  muscular complaints.  


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"Just Relax"

"Just Relax" - a superb treatment of 90 minutes offering deep relaxation and a profound sense of well being.  

**"Just Relax" for couples also available**

Deep Tissue Massage

Suffering from a stiff neck and back?  Sore shoulders?  Deep tissue massage uses firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle. 

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy, or Pre-Natal Massage Therapy.  Similar to normal massage but adapted for the needs of prenatal women, relaxes tense muscles, improves circulation and mobility, and just make you feel good!

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A gentle, relaxing  treatment using slow rhythmic strokes, The proper functioning of the lymphatic system is critical to our body's ability to drain fluids, detoxify, regenerate tissues, filter out toxins and foreign substances, and maintain a healthy immune system.

Couples Massage

I also work together with my partner Massage Therapist, Irene Diaz del Rio for Couples Massages with your partner or a friend. 

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Nick Burton

Call, Whatsapp, text or email me for an appointment.  

Massage Guru

Cartagena Murcia, Cartagena, Murcia 30393, Spain

608 828 921


Monday - Sunday: 11am - 9pm